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RF and LED photon needless vital injector crystalline no needle mesogun, K34
RF 3 in 1 mesogun no needle injector machine was combinate RF and microcrystalline injection .In order to skin care completely, while the skincare product water injector skin dermis, opening the stratum corneum was received completely. Through RF pull tightening skin, reached shrink pores, enhance skin metabolism, eliminate toxins, for freckles, dark circles , Acne was a good effect.
Noninvasive jet punch no needle vital injector machine, K53
Jet vital injector come without needle, through high delivery beauty nutriment to deeper skin layer directly, without needle hurt so more acceptable for regular customers.
Stable quality nano crystalline no needle mesogun, K54
crystalline no needle mesogun is one of the most stable quality needless vital injector, only injection function so one motor support one function could be any skincare liquid delivery, not include filler