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Eye wrinkle remove and dark circle removal machine to import products, K55
eye wrinkle remove machine can full fill skincare nutriment inside and effective work on eyeside, massage and RF function work together help for products import at the same time dredge the blood vessels to reach dark circle remove and eye wrinkle remove function
Portable HIFU Ultrasound Face Lifting Beauty Salon Machine K49
Portable HIFU ultrasound lifting machine working by High Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy, including 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm treatment probe head. 1800 shoots each head included. 15 points each shoot
Portable face lifting HIFU wrinkle remove machine, K57
HIFU machine is one of the most effective face lifting treatment machine on beauty salon. It is focus on skin dermis even skin SMAS layer to do treatment and work on collagen fiber directly to push collagen network rebuild. Through this way to firm skin structure to reach face lifting effect.
Portable fatty acid removing body slimming and tighten machine, K24
fatty cells and muscle constitute body SMAS layer, fatty cells number can't be change by regular way only decrease cells size to reach lose effective.
RF radio frequency skin tighten and face lifting beauty machine K37
RF skin tighten and lifting beauty machine working with radio frenquncy and temperature together reach skin dermis to rebuild skin struction, effective work on skin tighten and lifting, anti wrinkle treatment.
Wrinkle removal SMAS lift beauty machine K28
Wrinkle removal SMAS lift machine effective on facial lift, wrinkle remove, whitening and acne removeing
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