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Anti wrinkle 2nd mesogun vital injector 2 machine made in korea for sell K32
Anti wrinkle 2nd mesogun vital injector 2 machine made in korea for sell new add flap and filter to keep device work more stable and safe, vital injector needle and vital injector filter all support.

Vital injection working introduction

Faster & longer treatment, one time injection stay 3-6 month effect.


Vital injector work with latest acoustic negative pressure technology developed by South Korea 

. Dose access details dermis under 1.2-5mm dpeth to do nutrients supplement.Vacuum make skin slightly lifting during injecting to avoid hurt,

 also save dose.Accurate controller ensure each punch get same dosage, ensure stable treatment



Comparing with the  first generation



   Double filter system completly avoid dirty access machine to keep vital ijector 2 durable use.Save machine cleaning strps.     




 New add a flip to ensure needle stable  enough, guarantee accurate and silence injection




Tender skin of below indications

Wrinkles, rough pores, 

skin flabby prolapse; 

Freckles, spots, age spots, 

chloasma, pigmentation pigmentary diseases, etc .

Expansion of capillary, 

skin flush, rosacea, vascular diseases such as lupus erythematosus acne.

Skin dark heavy, low degree 

of finish, sebum secretion, 




 Warranty & Services





Vital injector 2 package including:

- main machine * 1pc

- filter * 1pc  ( consumables )

- needle * 1pc ( consumables )

- catton ball * 1bag

- cleaning pipe * 1set

- instruction book * 1 ( English ) 


Item No : K32

Operation Mode : Intermittent, Continuous
N.W: body:4.2kg

Package size: 460 * 320 * 420 mm

G.W: 13kg ( as shipping calculate )
Package: each piece packing into a draw-bar box, then packing by carton 


. Vital Injector 2 Description:

Vital injector 2 is advantage machine use to deliver beauty dose such as hyaluronic acid into skin dermis directly, save the dose waste at the same time avoid pollution. Vaccum technique slightly lifting skin before needle inset, release suction before needle pulling out avoid blood vessel harm. Blunt and small needle head cause very a little bleeding is normal. Two hours later pinhole disappear.


Advantage of vital injector 2:

Comparing with the 1st vital injector, vital injector 2 upgrade the movement make it work silence and more smoother. Add double filter to avoid dirty access machine inside to block normal work, at the same time save machine cleaning steps.

Needle add flap ahead ensure more stable and accurate injection.

Both needle and filter are consumables, each piece support one customer one time use.

Vital injector 2 warranty & services:

One year warranty, we charge for quality problem within one month. Each machine with unique security code.

Train video and document will be offered. As customers needed offer brochure for clients who sitting on waiting room